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About Us

Welcome to “Angel of Mömpelgard” – Yous exclusive Maine Coon cat breed in an idyllic location between the Swabian Alb and the picturesque Black Forest, only about 70 kilometers from the state capital Stuttgart.

The majestic Maine Coon cats are known for their irresistible Charm and her gentle giant nature. Their fluffy ears enchant everyone who meets them.

After intensive research and extensive study of the specialist literature on the Maine Coon breed and the breeding cat rearing, we decided to establish our own Maine Coon breeding in Rosenfeld.

For us, breeding Maine Coon cats is much more than just a hobby - it is a passion that is driven by love and dedication deep respect for every living being.

Our priority is that type-appropriate Breeding Maine Coon cats that are not only impressive in size and self-confidence, but also healthy and extremely people-oriented. But it is at least as important to us that our...beloved animals are gentle, sociable and lively.

We cannot guarantee that all of our kittens are worthy of the name "Maine Coon XXL" as the genetic predisposition of our parents determines the final growth of our kittens. As in the human world, even small people can have big children and vice versa.

Our passion lies in healthy breeding and caring for our cats, and not just selling Maine Coon kittens at any price.

We attach great importance to personal contact with our interested parties and future cat lovers. We warmly invite you to visit us and ours loved ones Getting to know cats in our home is a great way to get a first impression, as this often says more than a thousand words.

From the day we meet until our kittens move out, we would like to accompany you, if you wish Tips and advice and offer you the best possible support to optimally welcome your new roommate.

Even after the kittens have moved out, we will be there to help you as best we can and look forward to seeing your new ones from afar family members grow up.

Because every kitten remains a part of our family and becomes one wonderful member your own family.

let us together Experience the fascinating journey from birth to old age of our beloved Maine Coon cats. Welcome to “Angel of Mömpelgard” – where passion for Maine Coon cats is our elixir of life.

Maine Coon Katze Grace Angel of Mömpelgard

»Bred with love to win your heart.«

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Overview & Services

Maine Coon Kitten C Wurf  Angel of Mömpelgard
Maine Coon Katze Xelina  Angel of Mömpelgard

Maine Coon breeding

Our mission is to breed Maine Coon cats that not only impress in appearance, but also have outstanding characters. Each of our cats is a unique individual that we accompany from birth and allow to grow up in a loving environment.

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Everything about Maine Coons

The Maine Coon cat is a fascinating and impressive breed, often referred to as the "gentle giant" or "gentle giant". This type of cat has a rich history and many unique characteristics that make it one of the most popular breeds worldwide.

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Maine Coon Caesar und Anton Angel of Mömpelgard
Maine Coon Kitten Bambam Angel of Mömpelgard

useful information

Here you will find some interesting and worth knowing facts about Maine Coon cats. Feel free to browse through our website and discover the exciting and interesting world of Maine Coon cats. Learn more

Upcoming litters & Advice

At Angel of Mömpelgard we are always looking forward to welcoming the next members of our Maine Coon cat family. Our cat breeding places great emphasis on responsibility and care in breeding practices to ensure healthy and strong-character Maine Coon kittens.

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Maine Coon Kater Emil Angel of Mömpelgard

»Where Maine Coon dreams become reality.« 







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