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Maine Coon suchen ein Zuhause

We are looking for a new home

In a kennel it's like in a small town!

Several parties, living beings live together in a group.  Babies will be  born, grow into children and finally teenagers. You will be accompanied and guided by your parents and other community members.

Until they eventually become adults. Sooner or later some people move, move to another city or somewhere elsehen from outside to - into our small town.

As in every community, there are weddings, birthdays, welcome parties to celebrate, but also farewells, funerals and illnesses to mourn. Some residents like to live in seclusion, others in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Some are sociable and sociable and others love the small but nice get-togethers away from the hustle and bustle.

With our breeding animals we can also experience how their small town pulsates and lives.  

Since our pets unfortunately cannot move out or move in themselves, we constantly monitor our animals and their behavior towards one another. We also notice this if you do not feel comfortable in the community or no longer feel comfortable.

This can have several reasons. 

- They do not have the status in their group that they would like to have or had before castration.

- You like to live away from the hustle and bustle and the crowd and consciously isolate yourself.

- They are rather shy and reserved in nature and are therefore often left behind.

- They demand our undivided attention, which unfortunately we cannot meet in large numbers.  

- You are bullied or avoided by the other residents.

Since the health and well-being of every single cat is important to us, we closely monitor the needs and special characteristics of each resident and consciously decide on a new home for the animals' well-being.

Because for us, love of animals not only means loving the animal, but also acting in the animal's interest and offering them the best possible home.

Even if we have to recognize with a “heavy heart” that this can no longer be our home.

Our decision to give away a beloved animal is not based on financial considerations or the fact that the animal can no longer be used in breeding or does not want to be used.

We make decisions exclusively for the well-being of the animal and to give it a happy life in its new home.  

We only place our animals in the “best hands”. A home that can offer them what they are sorely missing here. A home that you can and are allowed to make yours. We also do not place animals in unsecured outdoor areas and only in solitary confinement if the animal absolutely requires this.  

CAC flip flop

Aqua Cat's

CAC Flip Flop Aqua Cat's

We affectionately call our Flip Flop “Grumpy Cat” because she has such a wonderfully evil look. Flip Flop loves cozy caves and boxes to cuddle and relax in. She is very well socialized and gets along well with her cat friends and the 2-legged staff.

Due to a risky and more than difficult pregnancy, we have decided not to expect her to have another one, as her health is our top priority.

Flip Flop is not the classic cuddly cat, she wants to decide for herself when her staff has to cuddle and then demands this. Occasional Cuddling and stroking is just how she likes it. She also celebrates evening treat rituals “on time”.

Carrying around, on the other hand, finds her terrible and comments loudly on her displeasure. Despite all the complaining, no claw ever comes, she thinks complaining is enough. 

A secured garden or balconywould liked her very much..

Flip Flop has already been neutered and is looking forward to a forever home. Happy to be quiet and tranquil with a male cat friend.--> She thinks her friends are stupid

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