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 Maine Coon - Interesting facts

We see our breeding of Maine Coon cats as more than just a hobby - it enriches our lives. We breed cats with love, passion and the utmost respect for every living being.

The responsibility we have towards our animals is of the utmost importance to us. Our breeding goals are clearly defined: Maine Coon cats that meet their breed standards, are healthy and open to people.

We breed Maine Coon cats of the appropriate size and with impressive personalities. Your health and friendly character are our top priority. We appreciate it when our Angels go through life gentle, sociable and full of joy.

We are occasionally asked about "Maine Coon XXL" and although our parents have a genetic predisposition to size, the final size of our kittens often remains a mystery. Similar to humans, even small parents can have large children and vice versa.

At our Maine Coon Cattery Rosenfeld we have carefully selected healthy lines and carefully created family trees. Whether our kittens are ultimately considered “XXL kittens” or “giant Maine coons” does not play a decisive role for us. Our top priority is health and compliance with breed standards.

We also place great emphasis on promoting broad genetic diversity. Our breeding cats are regularly monitored by veterinarians and you are welcome to inquire about the current health results for each parent.

Our Maine Coon cat breed "of Mömpelgard" has received approval from the responsible veterinary office in Balingen in accordance with Section 11 of the Animal Welfare Act (for breeding, keeping animals and trading in animals). We are registered as a business with the responsible tax office in Balingen and are subject to sales tax with the tax number 53204/46503. We are proud members of Felidae.e.V., bear the seal of quality and are certified breeders with proof of expertise.

Keesha of Mömpelgard

Proper care of the Maine Coon cat

The Maine Coon should be brushed once or twice a week outside of the shedding period, especially when it has exercise. You can also examine the cat for unwanted guests such as ticks and fleas or look for scrapes and scratches. Although not every Maine Coon knows the care instructions for their breed, there are also cats of this type that need to be detangled and brushed every day.

Character traits

Maine Coons are very people-oriented and affectionate. Maine Coons are sociable and friendly when dealing with other dogs, dogs and children. They are happy to request game units. If they do this forcefully, you can often hear a kind of cooing or crowing. The breed is also considered a good hunter. In the USA it is still referred to as a “working cat” – a mouse and rat catcher.

June Maine Coon
Lotta of Mömpelgard

History of the Maine Coon cat

The origin of the Maine Coon is shrouded in legend: Some legends claim that the Maine Coon is a hybrid form of cat and raccoon (“racoon”). Others are of the opinion that the cat was bred by the former French Queen Marie Antoinette. In fact, little is known about the cat's origins in the northwestern United States. Their ancestors adapted to the local climatic conditions, which is why the Maine Coon is a robust cat. It has semi-long, dense and water-repellent fur, which also protects it from harsh weather conditions. The breed has been bred systematically since the 1960s, and in 1983 the FIFe also recognized the Maine Coon as an independent breed. Because no matter how the Maine Coon came about, today it is a popular and well-known purebred cat with us.

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