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Let's talk about.....buying a Maine Coon kitten

With us, our Maine Coon babies receive the best possible care to ensure a good and healthy start in life. We view our kittens as full members of the family and treat them accordingly.

Reputable breeding of Maine Coon cats involves considerable costs, including vaccinations, veterinary examinations, high-quality food, care products, the appropriate equipment for kittens, as well as exhibition costs and club memberships.

Each of our kittens carries a microchip identification system and comes with the relevant certificates.

Our Maine Coon babies receive a pedigree, a health certificate, are dewormed several times and have basic immunizations. Our kittens' parents have taken part in exhibitions and received awards. When selecting our breeding cats, we value origin, health, naturalness and also the appearance and traits that they have inherited through the selection of lines. Our kittens are therefore never reproducible mass-produced products, each one is unique.

We only give our kittens into responsible and loving hands. In return you will receive something very unique - a member of our "Angel's of Mömpelgard" family.

Our kittens are socialized, cuddly and ready for their new home. We support the new cat parents in preparing to move in and are always available to give advice and support, because their well-being and that of our kittens is very important to us.

We recommend not saving in the wrong places and investing in a healthy and happy kitten. Because when it comes to supposed bargains, it is ultimately not the buyer who saves, but the breeder who saves on the resources necessary for healthy growth. Put your trust in responsible breeders and enjoy the wonderful journey from birth to the moment your pet moves into his new home.

Before you decide to get a pet, we ask that you consider the following considerations:

  • If you live in a rented apartment, please clarify whether you have permission to keep cats.

  • Be prepared that kittens love to climb and scratch, and they might use your home as their playground.

  • If there is a possibility of allergies in the family, please do an allergy test to avoid unexpected challenges.

  • If you work a lot, consider adopting two kittens to ensure your new friend stays happy.

  • Make sure it is safe to go outdoors as dangers such as illness, traffic accidents and theft lurk outside.

  • Remember that medical care and high-quality food are necessary.

  • Plan care in your absence, e.g. during vacation.

  • Keep in mind that your other pets will need to get used to living with a cat.

  • Remember that cats, even small kittens, have teeth and claws and use them when playing.

  • Remember that Maine Coon cats can live up to 20 years.

If you identify with these ideas and are prepared to act as a loving “can opener” for many years, we look forward to hearing from you. 

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