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Maine Coon - "The Gentle Giant" - der sanfte Riese

Maine Coons

Maine Coon - "The Gentle Giant" - the gentle giant

The Americans affectionately call them “The Gentle Giant”. The Maine Coon is undoubtedly the largest of all human-bred cat breeds.

The breathtaking beauty of the American giant cat impresses not only with its impressive size, but also with its enchanting appearance. The Maine Coon comes from the US state of Maine, in the northeast of America, and there are many legends about its origins.

The size and stature of the Maine Coon cat are truly impressive. This breed of cat is undoubtedly the largest among domestic cats. Male cats can weigh up to 12 kilograms and are about 40 centimeters high at the shoulder. Coonie kittens are slightly smaller and lighter.

The Maine Coon's character is a fascinating mix of wildness and gentleness. Coons are known for their love and intelligence, which is why some cat lovers never get rid of this breed.

It's interesting to know that Maine Coon cats are real late developers. It can take three to five years for a cute kitten like the one in the picture to become a fully grown Maine Coon. This not only affects size, weight and external appearance, but also playfulness and character development.

The Maine Coon is undoubtedly a breed that fascinates with its imposing appearance and unique character.

Maine Coon cats of Mömpelgard
Maine Coon tomcat from Mömpelgard

Male cat

Maine Coon neutered  of Mömpelgard
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