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Maine Coon Kitten Angel of Mömpelgard

About Us

Here are a few words about us and our attitude to breeding.

Welcome to "Angel of Mömpelgard" - your exclusive Maine Coon cat breeding, which is run by our family and is located in a spacious house and garden. Our cats are used to a life with large cats and lots of visitors right from the start.

It fills us with joy to accompany the little kittens on their way to becoming loving, trusting and playful young cats. We spend a lot of time petting them, playing with them and cuddling them. When they are allowed to move into their new families at the age of 16 weeks, they are already well prepared for their new living conditions.

We attach great importance to finding loving homes for our kittens and we only say goodbye to them when we are sure that they are in good hands. We are happy to be in contact with the new cat parents and really appreciate receiving occasional photos of our kittens.

Of course, even after the kittens have moved out, we will be happy to provide you with advice and support when it comes to the well-being of our little treasures. Our kittens have been dewormed several times, vaccinated against cat flu, cat disease and rabies, chipped and already neutered for lovers. They have a family tree from the cat association Felidae e.V., which proves their descent from carefully selected parents.

Our mission is to breed healthy, strong and well-socialized cats. We celebrate the development of our little velvet paws from their first plodding steps to their growing elegance. However, our breeding is not aimed at financial gain, but rather at the joy of our cats.

Buying a pedigree cat is a long-term investment and we encourage you to always be there for your new family member. Our cats are not objects, but friends and life companions. Each of our cats has been lovingly groomed to be the perfect family member.

It is important to understand that cat breeding is an expensive hobby. A reputable breeder is a member of a cat breeding association and invests considerable resources in club fees, family trees, vaccinations, health certificates, genetic tests, preventive examinations, high-quality food, cat litter, toys, cat accessories, photos, advertisements and much more.

If you are interested in one of our kittens, please do not hesitate to contact us. An “Angel of Mömpelgard” may soon transform your home into a cozy oasis.

Seal of quality breeding Angel of Mömpelgard
Proof of breeding expertise
Maine Coon Breeding Club of the Angel of Mömpelgard

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