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Maine Coon Augen zu Träumen

Early castration

Some information...

We would like to provide you with basic information about early neutering of cats.

Our opinion is clear: neutering cats is essential. The increasing population of cats has posed an enormous challenge to animal welfare organizations for years.

As lovers and breeders of Maine Coon cats, we are committed to ensuring that no additional unwanted cats are born due to "accidents".

The Maine Coon babies from our breeding are neutered early before they are passed into the hands of loving owners. Our veterinary practice specializes in minimally invasive procedures and offers the highest quality care for animals and people.


The advantages of early castration are obvious:

  • The operation and the associated anesthesia are shorter and less stressful.

  • The operation is easier because the gonads are not yet covered by fatty tissue, which means there are fewer complications and bleeding and the animal can recover more quickly.

As breeders, we strive to ensure that you take a healthy animal into your care. Further detailed information on the subject of castration and early castration can be found at Cat-Care Tierhilfe Kassel e.V.

We are at your disposal to answer your questions on this topic. If you have any questions, please use our contact form or write to us.

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