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Katzen Kinder of Mömpelgard

Cat breeding

Cat breeding at the Angel's of Mömpelgard..

We see cat breeding not only as an enrichment of our lives, but as our passionate dedication. At "Angel's of Mömpelgard" we live for breeding Maine Coon cats and have a deep responsibility for the well-being of our animals.

Our goal is to breed Maine Coon cats according to type - with impressive size, self-confidence, health and a strong bond with people. But it is at least as important to us that our protégés can go through life in a gentle, sociable and lively manner. We often smile when prospective buyers ask about “Maine Coon XXL,” because the final size of our kittens depends on the genetic makeup of our parents, and we can only imagine what they will bring. But, as in life, small people can have big children and vice versa.

We, the Maine Coon Cattery Rosenfeld, placed particular emphasis on healthy lines and carefully selected pedigrees when selecting our animals. Whether our cats ultimately produce XXL kittens or giant Maine Coons is not important to us. Our credo is health and breed-specific.

In addition, it is important to us to preserve broad genetic diversity. Our breeding cats are regularly monitored by veterinarians and you are welcome to inquire about the current health reports for each parent.

Our Maine Coon cat breed "of Mömpelgard" has received approval from the veterinary office in Balingen in accordance with Section 11 of the Animal Welfare Act for breeding, keeping animals and trading in animals. We are also registered as a business with the responsible tax office in Balingen and have a sales tax number (53204/46503). We are proud members of Felidae.e.V and carry the seal of quality and proof of expertise for breeders. Our commitment to our animals and their well-being is our top priority.

Seal of quality breeding
Proof of breeding expertise
Breeding Association Felidae e.V.
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