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Maine Coon Caesar erklärt Titelerfolge

Title successes

The following titles or categories are available for evaluating the cat

When it comes to titles, a distinction is made between potent animals (champion) and castrated animals (premier).

The regulations for acquiring the title can vary depending on the breeding association/club; the rules explained here apply to ours:

CACP Kittens 3 - 6 months Title: Kitten Champion:


  • These cats are exhibited to earn the title of Kitten Champion. To do this you need 3 international or nationalnall points from 3 different judges to receive the CACP.

CACJ Young animals 6 - 10 months Title: Junior Champion:


  • These cats are exhibited to receive the title of Junior Champion. You need 3 international or national points from 3 different judges to receive the CACJ.

CAC Open class from 10 months Title: Champion or Premier
3 x CAC or 3 x CAP domestically under two different judges

CACIB International Champion or International Premier
3 x CACIB b
between 3 x CAPIB domestically under three different judges

CAGCIB Grand International Champion or Grand International Premier
IB or 5 x CAGPIB domestically under 4 different judges or alternatively 1 x CAGCIB outside Germany and 2x domestic points from three different judges.

CACE Europa Champion or European Premier
7 x CACE or 7 x CAPE domestically under 5 different judges or alternatively 2 x CACE in 2 different countries outside of Germany and 1x domestic point, or 4x domestic point and 1x foreign point under four different judges.

GCACE Great European Champion or Great European Premier
7 x GCACE or 7 x GCAPE domestically under 5 different judges or alternatively 2 x CACE in 2 different countries outside of Germany
and 1x domestic point, or 4x domestic point and 1x foreign point under four different judges.

WACE World Champion
10 x WACE or 10 x WACP domestically under 7 different judges, or alternatively 1 x domestically + 1 x outside Germany + 1x on another continent!

Exceptions are world exhibitions organized by various clubs, where either continent, foreign or Germany points can be acquired and are also recognized as world or foreign points.


In addition to the individual evaluations for the respective titles, the animals are judged as competitors against each other at exhibitions. The following awards can be achieved if enough animals compete with each other.

Best in Color / Best in Variety / Best in Breed / Breed Winner:
Requirement: depending on the club, at least three or five cats must compete against each other within a breed or color of a breed.

In the case of well-represented cat breeds, one animal is awarded a prize for each different color. In rare breeds the colors are combined and there is only one winner.
In general, each judge nominates one cat per breed or color. The nominated animals are generally presented to the assembled judges, who decide on an animal by vote.

Best in Show:
Here cats of all breeds are evaluated together. The long-hair, semi-long-hair and short-hair classes are evaluated separately according to age groups, gender and potency.

Best of Best:
A Best of Best is chosen from the Best in Show winners in each class. This cat is the best animal at the exhibition in the class.

Best over all:
The Best over All (the best animal at this exhibition and on this day) is chosen from the cats of all breeds with the Best of Best rating.

Depending on the club, the conditions and implementation of the awards vary. Both the number of animals required in a ranking and the number of categories vary. Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest cats are often separated from the semi-longhair cats.

Siamese/OKH and relatives are also managed as a separate class by various clubs (divided into light and heavy types of short-haired cats) as long as they are represented in sufficient numbers.
Each award is accompanied by a certificate or note in the judge's report as well as a trophy, the size of which increases with the value of the award.


At special shows there is generally a separate Best in Show for the relevant breeds.


Each judge can nominate one animal for each category from the animals they have evaluated. He can also nominate an animal for several titles at the same time, e.g. for “Best Variety” and “Best in Show”. The animals nominated for a title are then simultaneously presented to all judges who are approved to judge the relevant breed or breed group for the purpose of making a decision. If only one animal is proposed, the other judges must confirm the proposal.

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